Mitch Conner: I have lived a pretty fast life. For over 15 years I flew leather pelts in a Cessna 206 from a small town in Mexico to San Diego. It was good money, but I was greedy and young. I wanted more.. I then spent over a dozen years as a private investigator for what the media has chosen to call an “economic hitman”. It was here that I learned about the dark underbelly of politics. The kind corruption and greed that leads to deaths in the millions. The kind of news you don’t get on your local station 6, or god damn 60 minutes. Somewhere between the Sudan and Singapore I decided enough was enough. Thing is, big corporate types don’t like it when a guy like me quits.

I have since been on the run for 14 years, I never stay anywhere too long. I hope to make this blog my outlet a place to debate and discuss. Hopefully, before they catch me, you will all know the truth. I’m not scared of death, but still I wonder… Will I dream?


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